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Grass Valley, CA — According to a Safeway supermarket manager, no one has come forward to claim an abandoned Fleshlight which was found in the produce section last week. The popular adult toy was discovered by an employee last week on the floor near the organic lettuces.

“That was totally gross,” said Karen Wright of Grass Valley who was looking for missing clothing earlier this week. “I didn’t even want to go near that box. But I did find my sweatshirt so I just washed it when I got home.”

Management is not sure how the popular male adult toy found its way into the store, but they’ll be happy once it’s gone.

“We’d like the owner of it to claim it as soon as possible,” said assistant manager Darren Davies speaking of the device. “It’s not something we’d like to see in our stores and more than one customer has complained about it.”

However early this morning, the Fleshlight appeared to have gone missing or was claimed.

“Look, I don’t want to know what happened to it, nor who took it,” continued Mr. Davies. “But let’s just say I’m happy it’s gone. I don’t know who brought into Safeway, or why they left it here. I mean, that’s a weird thing to bring into the store, right?”

According to frequent shoppers, this is not the first time a questionable device has shown up in the Lost and Found. A few years ago, a 24-inch television was left in the box and more recently, an entire Frankie Valli record collection was deposited. The Frankie Valli recordset is apparently still there and store managers are asking for information on the owners.