Gags the Green Bay Clown Declares the 18th “Clown Terror Night”

Green Bay, WI ‘Gags’ the Green Bay Clown’s popularity continues to grow, even after a local actor came forward with the revelation that ‘Gags’ is all part of a viral marketing stunt for a short film he auditioned for but didn’t get the part.

Since the creepy clown was first spotted wandering the streets at 2 a.m. on the 1st, a Facebook fan page has attracted over 35k fans and counting.

Now, another Wisconsin actor has come forward and tells The Fazzler he has a direct message from Gags himself. “Gags wants to thank everyone for being good boys and girls,” said Charles Drake, an actor from Milwaukee. “He also wants his followers to keep an eye open during the full moon of the 18th, which Gags has declaredTitleclown Terror Night.

Drake wouldn’t offer any more details about the cryptic message but did hint that something might happen with Gags that night. “All I can say is Titletown will transform into Titleclown. So if you’re out and about on the 18th, keep an eye out.”

‘Titleclown’ is an obvious play on words for ‘Titletown’, the city of Green Bay’s long-adopted moniker as the home of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers. What has some residents on edge is the ‘Terror Night’ mentioned along with it.

“Gags is creepy as all hell,” says Green Bay resident Sam Miller. “So far it’s been a brilliant marketing ploy, I just hope someone doesn’t get carried away and take it too far.”

Gags’ fan Molly Grayson, who has spent countless hours circling GB looking for the demented clown, plans to go search for him again on the 18th.”My guess is this ‘Titleclown Terror Night’ may be the night they actually shoot this film, which would be cool to see.” If Mrs. Grayson winds up spending another night wasting gas, well, that’s okay too. “My kids love it. They’re always asking to go look for Gags, even though he’s terrifying,” Molly laughed.

Green Bay police say that despite Gags’ creepy images and costumes, there’s not much they can do about the clown. Capt. Warych tells WGBA-TV, “A person can walk down the sidewalk dressed however they want as long as they’re in a place they legally can be.”

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