McDonalds Now Serving Goat Meat: 5 Things You Need to Know

Fresno, CA — McDonald’s customers have been asking for more variety. And that’s exactly what the fast food chain is providing. This year, McDonald’s introduced new menu items, including mozzarella sticks, sweet potato fries, and a chicken kale salad. And now, the company has taken its meal choices one step further by introducing goat meat in select locations.

Recently, there has been an increased demand for ‘new’ meats like bison, ostrich, and venison – all leaner than traditional beef or pork. A report from Technomic revealed that 32% of restaurants now offer some red meat alternative. Have you ever tried goat meat? If not, keep reading to discover more about this new menu item and its health benefits…

What is Goat Meat?

Goat meat is the meat of a goat. It is a traditional food in many cultures and can be eaten both cooked and raw. Goat meat is eaten worldwide, even in areas where goat farming is not common, such as Europe, partly because the meat can be frozen during some parts of the year because goats are usually slaughtered during the cold months. In addition, the goat has a rich and nutty flavor, making it extremely popular in many cuisines worldwide.

Goat meat has less fat, cholesterol, and calories than most other red meats and is also high in protein and iron. As well as eating the meat, you can also use the fat from a goat to fry or roast potatoes. The fat can be used in the same way as lard or dripping. Some people even use it to fry their pancakes. Goat’s milk is often drunk as a beverage or used to make cheese.

5 Important Things to Know About McDonald’s New Menu Item

  1. Adding goat meat to the menu means customers can now choose between chicken or beef in their ‘Goat’ Burger. However, the company has not decided whether the new menu item will be listed as ‘goat’ or ‘chicken.’
  2. McDonald’s will source its goat meat from Bare Food. Bare Food specializes in providing meat alternatives for the food service industry.
  3. The burger will be made with spicy ‘goat cheese’ blended with jalapeños. The jalapeño will also be used in the sauce for the fries.
  4. Although the new menu item is only available in select locations, it will be available in all restaurants by the end of the year.
  5. The ‘Goat’ Burger will be priced at $6.99 and come with lettuce, tomato, and jalapeño mayo.

Benefits of Goat Meat

  • Goat meat has less fat, cholesterol, and calories than most other red meats.
  • It is high in protein and iron.
  • It is rich in minerals and vitamins. These include vitamin B6, selenium, zinc, and niacin.
  • It is also rich in vitamin B12, essential for proper brain functioning.
  • Goat meat is a good source of arginine, which is essential for the immune system.
  • It is easy to digest and is even recommended for people with GERD/acid reflux.

Nutrition Facts for McDonald’s Goat Meat

Because the data for the nutrition facts for a McDonald’s ‘Goat’ Burger is yet to be released, we will use the nutrition facts for a ‘Chicken’ Burger. One serving of a McDonald’s ‘Chicken’ Burger contains: Calories – 390 Fats – 16 g Saturated fats – 6 g Carbohydrates – 34 g Sugars – 9 g Proteins – 12 g Fiber – 2 g Sodium – 720 mg

The Cheese Hormura: Everything you need to know.

The goat meat will be served in a spicy ‘goat cheese’ blend with jalapeños. However, it is unclear what type of cheese is used in the blend. The jalapeño will also be used in the sauce for the fries, along with habanero. These peppers have high Scoville units, meaning they have high heat and spice. The spicy goat cheese will also be used in the new ‘Goat’ Salad. The salad comes with a goat cheese dressing, crispy onions, and a mix of kale and spinach.

Final Words

McDonald’s customers have been asking for more variety in their meals for a long time. And now, their wish has come true. Adding goat meat to the menu means there is now a new option for those who don’t want to consume beef or chicken. You can now enjoy a spicy, delicious burger made from goat meat. Why not try to include goat meat in your diet and see what all the fuss is about?

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