Nevada City, Sedona vying for Spiritual Vortex

Nevada City, CA claims to be the Spiritual Vortex of planet Earth.
Nevada City, CA claims to be the Spiritual Vortex of planet Earth.

Reporting from Nevada City, CA — Spiritualist and psychic Edgar Cayce claimed that Nevada City, CA might be a gathering place for the spiritually enlightened and a gathering place for those who wish to bring about change in this troubled world. This, of course, has engendered a sense of competition with Sedona, Arizona which also believes it is the spiritual vortex of the known universe.

“We have been, and will continue to be the ‘spiritual vortex’ of the known universe,” said spiritual coach Miguel Montoya from his Sedona spiritual retreat. “Nevada City is a nice place, and we wish them well. But they are no match for the spiritual power and life changing energy that springs from Sedona.”

According to the Arizona Vacation guide, spiritual vortexes are distributed throughout the world, but none is more powerful than Sedona.

“Steeped in New Age concepts, soaked in mystery, and bubbling with controversy; the new definition of vortex points to supernatural events, spiritual super-centers, and unexplained phenomena. Examples of this type of vortex can be found at Stonehenge, the Giza pyramids, and in sites of former civilizations such as the Incas in Peru. There are also several vortex sites in the United States, the most popular and abundant of which are in Sedona, Arizona.”

 This, of course, is not without its Nevada City supporters.

I saw something once about his prediction about the waters rising – I believe this area stayed above water, but was sort of a peninsula with water on the east and west,” said Stacy Grant of Nevada City. “I’ve always thought (since I’ve lived here, 13 years) that Nevada City is a cosmic vortex – a coordinate on the unity consciousness grid. We are even considering converting neighborhoods in preparation for this exact purpose.”

Sacred Sedona McDonalds
Sedona, Arizona’s “sacred” McDonald’s brings energy to the town’s spiritual vortex.

It is not clear at the time of this writing what will come from this vying for #1 spiritual vortex will bring, but it’s clear that both towns will benefit from this spiritual controversy. Other towns and regions, such as Arcata, CA and the entire Hawaiian Island of Kauai are also vying for this coveted #1 spot. Fresno, CA unfortunately did not make the list.

“Look, when the flood comes like Cayce predicted, Nevada county will become like it was 150 years ago,” continued Ms. Grant. “And it doesn’t require the spiritual insight of Edgar Cayce. Think about it. We’re at 2500 ft. above sea level. It’s a no brainer.”


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Miguel Montoya explains the magic of Sedona, AZ

“Spiritual vortexes are said to be cross-points between energy fields in the earth’s grid system, or intersecting ley lines. Where the ley lines intersect, in certain areas, the result is said to be a “hot spot” of energy that can produce a wide range of effects along the lines of spiritual healing, psychic enhancement, and anomalies in plant life such as two species of trees growing together as one.”

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