Noam Chomsky Fans Boycotting Lagunitas Beer for Featuring Michel Foucault on Bottles

Cambridge, MA — Fans of Noam Chomsky have started a boycott of Lagunitas IPA Beer after the brewer featured Michel Foucault on its bottles. This decision has sparked a dispute with academics and beer enthusiasts frothing at the mouth, leading to what some have called a sudsy skirmish. The move is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the famous Chomsky-Foucault debate in 1971, but many Chomsky supporters believe it has left a sour taste in their mouths.

“When I crack open a Lagunitas, I want to be reminded of the inherent structures of grammar, not the arbitrary nature of social constructs,” fumed Professor Norm Syntax, a long-time supporter of Chomsky and IPA enthusiast. “This is an affront to the principles of Universal Grammar!”

Lagunitas surprised language theorists and thirsty patrons by featuring an image of Foucault on its limited-edition “Poststructuralist Pale Ale.” The tasting notes accompanying the beer describe it as “rebellious against conventional flavors, yet trapped within the confines of its bottle.”

Critics argue that by selecting Foucault, Lagunitas has taken a clear stance on the age-old question of human nature and might have alienated a sizable portion of linguistically-inclined beer drinkers.

“By choosing Foucault, they’re clearly saying that this beer has no inherent nature but is simply a product of external influences like malt and hops,” explained Dr. Ale-Xander Lexicon, a renowned linguistic anthropologist. “That’s an ontological statement I simply cannot support.”

Lagunitas defended its decision, stating, “We simply wanted to celebrate human thought’s complex and nuanced nature, just like our beer. We believe people should be free to explore and develop their ideas.”

Meanwhile, whispers suggest that a competing brewery plans to launch a “Chomskyan Cherry Stout,” complete with a label featuring an image of the legendary linguist holding a syntax tree. The battle of the brews is set to reach its heady climax as intellectuals and beer lovers weigh in on the most critical question of our time: Can the philosophy of language truly be captured in a bottle?

Noam Chomsky himself remarked, “This is utterly absurd,” and then returned to his work, leaving the rest of us to ponder the profound connection between beer and the nature of humanity.

Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
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