Tom Cruise Leaves Scientology

Riverside, CA — L. Ron Hubbard founded the Church of Scientology to bridge Eastern Spirituality with Western thinking. It has become a haven for celebrities like John Travolta and Tom Cruise. The Church has also become a very well-funded entity from its celebrity members, though many do not feel it is true religion. The IRS has recently revoked Scientology’s tax-exempt status.

Tom Cruise is perhaps the Church’s most famous member and for the Church to lose him is a significant blow, as the infamous organization is losing the face of its fundraising efforts and a large amount of funding.

In an interview yesterday, The Fazzler asked Tom Cruise why he had chosen to leave the Church?

“Well, without the tax breaks, it is just not worth it anymore,” Mr. Cruise said. “I never believed that crap. It was just a substantial tax haven for me. Those guys are insane believing that crap.”

When asked about his plans, Mr. Cruise said, “I’m thinking of becoming a Mormon. I like the idea of special underwear.”

Both Churches declined to comment.

Cleveland Sam
Cleveland Sam
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