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Canada — A shocking report from the popular Canadian Broadcast Corporation show Insider has revealed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and pop music icon Justin Bieber are possibly stepbrothers. The report, which broadcast last night to an audience of over 4 million Canadians, maintains that the men perhaps share a common parent.

Although there is a significant age difference between the two men, Insider host Amy Chen says the show had obtained birth not only records but also “third-party” genetic tests from an unnamed source.

“At the top of the show, we have some stunning news,” said Ms. Chen as she launched into the controversial news story. “Insider as obtained both birth records and genetic test results that seem to indicate that Prime Minister Trudeau and Justin Bieber are indeed related, possibly stepbrothers.”

The news sent shock waves across the Canadian provinces, with some expressing both confusion and joy about the story.

“Well, that’s interesting,” said a smiling George Dennis as he unplugged his car block heater in front of his Winnipeg, Manitoba home. “I guess it makes sense on some level. I mean, both men have extreme talents and are more popular in the United States than they are here. Not sure how this impacts me, though.”

Some Canadians expressed outrage over the report.

“This kind of thing makes me a little angry, ya know?” Said Toshiba project manager Joyce Oldham of Markham, Ontario. “We have so many things we should be concerned with, and we don’t need these kinds of sensational stories like they do in the States. I might have to write a letter to the CBC.”

According to Insider producer Doris Warner, there’s another bombshell brewing for later this week that links Canadian star Justin Timberlake to the pair.

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