Area Man Discovers Chihuahua in Subway Sandwich

Grass Valley, CA — The long line at the local Subway Sandwich shop in Grass Valley’s Fowler Center halted briefly on Friday when area B & C Hardware worker Rick Guzman found a whole, live Chihuahua puppy in his sandwich. The Chihuahua somehow had made it into one of the pre-packaged bags of lettuce and then onto Mr. Guzman’s sandwich.

“You can image my surprise when I lifted the bread to check if there was mayonnaise on it,” said a shy Mr. Guzman in a The Fazzler interview following his shift. “I don’t like mayonnaise, and they always put it on my sandwiches when I tell them not to. When I lifted the bread, this little puppy popped up and wagged its tail. The weird part is that the little guy acted like nothing was wrong. He was just happy to see me.”

According to witnesses at the scene, Mr. Guzman screeched like a little girl upon discovering the friendly Chihuahua, which startled the Subway customers waiting in line and the “Sandwich Artists” behind the counter.

“I wasn’t paying attention,” said Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge. “But then I hear this little girl scream, and I look around, and it’s not a little girl but this guy from B & C. Then I saw that he had his dog with him, and I know Subway doesn’t allow that hippie stuff in their stores. So that irritated me.”

According to Nevada County Health Department officials, this incident is not a prank but a “processing error” at Subway’s supplier. They have launched a full investigation into the lettuce provider Happy Veggies, LLC, based out of Bakersfield, CA. Subway Sandwich Corporation is cooperating.

As for Mr. Guzman, he seems happy with this odd pet windfall.

“I think I’m gonna keep the little guy if they can’t find the owner,” a shy Mr. Guzman continued. “He’s been through a lot, and I’m gonna give him a good home.”

Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
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