Verizon Vice President Planning Run for Nevada City Planning Commission

Nevada City, CA — According to a secret and internal Verizon Wireless dossier obtained by the Broad Street Beacon, there have been discussions at the highest levels of the company about planting executives in what the document calls “troublesome jurisdictions” to influence the roll-out of the new 5G mobile technology. According to the dossier, there are several communities across the countries that are interfering with the deployment of the new, high-speed networks, and “installing” pro-Verizon voices in targeted committees has been discussed at length to influence city and county governments.

On page 28 of the dossier, there is an extended discussion on what to do with the “problem town of Nevada City” and its “unwillingness to embrace modernity.” Probably the most shocking discovery in the document is the suggestion that Vice President of Communications Beth Ruliacter should infiltrate and take over the Nevada City Planning Commission. Apparently Verizon is prepared to spend as much as $500,000 in election and campaign efforts to make this happen.

As word of this secret plan reached Nevada City, activists took to the streets to express their concerns.

“ATTENTION NEVADA COUNTY RESIDENTS,” shouted community activist and explorer Saihra Ramun over her bull horn, scaring several tourists enjoying the warm day. “While 3G might have killed off baby crocodiles, this technology may somehow kill off people, 5G is more dangerous than a crocodile in your bathtub. While you’re in the bath. Rooftop radio? WI-FI? Hi-Fi? You think that’s good medicine? THEY ARE ALLOWING RADIATING MICROWAVE ANTENNAS ON ALL OF OUR POWER/LIGHT POLES AND VERTICAL INFRASTRUCTURE NEXT TO OUR HOMES, WORKPLACES, SCHOOLS, WITHOUT OUR CONSENT, WITHOUT OUR OVERSIGHT, WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION, NADA!

The Beacon reached out to Verizon for comment on the secret dossier, however a spokesperson for the telecommunications giant neither acknowledged or denied the existence of the document.

“Verizon wants to make it clear that meddling in elections is something that we would ever endorse,” said Verizon Director of Communications Bethany Millbright. “Although it’s true that we have some deployment challenges in certain jurisdictions, Verizon is working through the appropriate channels to resolve any issues. We’re confident that our customers will lead the way to a 5G future.”

When asked specifically about the existence of the secret dossier, Ms. Millbright bristled.

“I am not privy to comment on whether any such internal memo exists. I certainly have not seen anything. I would refer you to Verizon legal counsel if you have any further questions on the matter.”

As for Ms. Ramun, she’s not giving up one inch on her fight.

“This will cause cancer,” Ms. Ramun said. She was one of several people who raised health concerns about the radiation emitted by the equipment at a government hearing last month. “Our property values could drop 20 percent because of cancer and cooked brains. For that house, that house, that house. And then pretty soon you go around the curb and there’s another cell tower. They’re all through this neighborhood. So it’s going to devastate Nevada City and beyond. Just remember: Fried Brains.”

Michael Stephen
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