4 Ways the Homeless Are Taking Your Jobs

While jobs are on a ridiculously steady incline, due to Trump’s threats against Puerto Rico, the homeless have been taking your jobs and votes, all the while teaching illegal aliens to do the same. I’m sure you’ve wondered out loud or at least in your head: why don’t these people get a job?

It’s time to admit that our Republic is under assault from the homeless populations. As you drive around your town or city and see the destitute asking you for some spare change, pause for a moment and consider the danger they pose to you and your family. (You can ignore your asshole neighbors who leaf-blows at 7:45 am on Saturdays),

If you search your feelings, you will find this to be true.

They’re making more money than you

Let’s face it. The homeless make a boatload of dough by just asking for it at freeway on-ramps and drive-thru exits. Oh, and don’t you fall for that “I’ll work for beer” bullshit either. You know it’s a profit-making deal.

And boy, oh boy, are they making a cleaning. How you scowl at them while you have to sit in traffic on your way to your soul-crushing job, while these homeless capitalists rake in the dough. One day you’ll give them a piece of your mind. One day.

They’re eating for free, how can you compete with that?

And what gives with all this free food they’re getting? People are always giving them free food. Heck, you even yelled at a homeless man in San Francisco to get his lazy ass to the Food Bank for a box of wilted celery. You know, hard-working Americans like you had to earn their meals, unlike these slackers.

They can work any time of the day

One of the oft-overlooked job-stealing tactics of the homeless is that they got nowhere to go, and no particular time to be there. That means they are gunning for your middle manager job. Yes, you are used to worrying about some poor slob in India taking your work, but now your boss can outsource your job to just about any guy with a sleeping bag and a touch of tuberculosis.

They’re secretly forming a mass rebellion in their ranks

And here’s something Trump warned about on the 2016 campaign trail: the homeless are arming and forming job-seeking militias. That’s right, you saw it on 60 minutes, and now you’ve seen it in reality. While you were sleeping, the homeless organized a small army to take over your job and your children’s future. Search your heart. You know it to be true. They’re coming for you, en masse.

Michael Stephen
Michael Stephen
Michael has been through pretty much everything, and his sole aspiration is to get you through it more quickly and with less pain.

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