Joe Biden Dons New ‘Fro Look’ to Court African American Voters

Atlanta, GA — In a blatant attempt to court the African American vote in the twilight of his 2024 campaign, President Joe Biden unveiled his newest, boldest strategy yet during a rally in Atlanta, Georgia. Forget policy proposals or social reforms—Biden decided to don a voluminous afro, believing perhaps that hairstyles are the shortcut to voter’s hearts. It’s a “hairy” situation indeed.

Upon stepping onto the stage at the rally, the crowd buzzed with a mix of shock, amusement, and sheer bewilderment. Eyewitness reports suggest that Biden’s new ‘do was so unexpected that even the teleprompters took a moment of silence.

“I thought it was a cloud taking a wrong turn,” said one befuddled attendee, squinting at the spectacle.

The crowd’s reactions were as mixed as a Spotify playlist at a generational family reunion. African American voters, the key demographic of this heartfelt yet hair—brained ploy, were left scratching their heads.

“We asked for justice reform, better education, and economic opportunities… and we got a wig?” questioned another rally-goer, highlighting the mismatch between voter needs and campaign antics.

Meanwhile, the scene was so surreal that it even managed to thaw some frosty partisan divides.

A self-identified Trump supporter was overheard saying, “Finally, something I can agree with Joe on—it’s just as ridiculous as everything else!” Applause broke out around him, not in support of the statement but because it’s just plain fun to agree on something these days.

Social media went ablaze, not just with tweets and memes from Biden supporters, but with genuine concern about the advisors who green-lit this strategy. Was it a misguided attempt at humor, or had the campaign lost its comb? Either way, Biden’s afro debut was less of a nod to cultural solidarity and more of a fluff piece gone awry.

As the rally continued, with Biden passionately speaking beneath his newfound curls, the afro seemed to take on a life of its own. By the night’s end, it wasn’t clear what was more out of touch—the candidate or his costume. But one thing was sure: it will take more than a hairpiece to cover up the bald spots in policy and performance when connecting with voters.

Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
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