Cinnabon To Open At Nevada County Airport

Part of the Cinnabon deal requires that the airport sign be properly branded.
Part of the Cinnabon deal requires that the airport sign be properly branded.

Grass Valley, CA — Citing both an improving economy and slightly increased air traffic, Cinnabon, the nation’s largest chain of cinnamon-rolls producing bakeries has announced plans to open its first local store at the Nevada County Airport.

“We are excited about the growth possibilities at the Nevada County Airpark,” said Cinnabon CEO Katrina “Kat” Cole in a The Fazzler telephone interview. “We’ve seen the numbers, and it looks promising. Not only is there increased traffic in and out of Nevada County’s only large airport, there is a steady stream of elderly men just hanging out there all the time who will love our products.”

Cinnabon has a history of what marketers call “location innovation.” The first Cinnabon opened on December 4, 1985 in Seattle, Washington in Sea Tac Mall. Cinnabon was an offshoot of the Seattle Based Restaurants Unlimited restaurant chain run by Rich Komen. Mr. Komen wanted to create the worlds most “perfect” cinnamon roll, eventually hiring Jerilyn Brusseau to finalize the iconic recipe for hungry, on-the-go airport travelers and parents who just want their kids to shut their pie-holes.

Not everyone is thrilled with the expansion of the corporate, retail baked goods store in Nevada County.

“This is another example of corporate America internally colonizing America,” announced community activist Sairhra Ramun to a crowd out in front of Nevada City’s New York Hotel with her megaphone. “What this town needs is more bars and tacos. Tacos and bars everywhere. Not some corporate hack selling high carbohydrate rolls to retired pilots and the occasional traveling Silicon Valley millionaires.”

Others welcomed the idea.

“I didn’t even know they had an airport,” said Roseville, CA community activist Misty Smith with a hint of snark in her voice. “Nevada County is getting so grown-up now. Maybe they’ll learn to stop coming down here and convert our way of life to their hippie one. [chuckling] They’ll be too busy gorging their stoned mouths with Cinnabons.”

According to Cinnabon regional Managers, retail operations is slated to kick off in 2017.


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