Controversial Psychologist Jordan Peterson’s Addictions Revealed in Shocking New Sit-Down Interview

Toronto, Canada — Jordan Peterson, the outspoken Canadian psychologist known for his views on free speech and political correctness, has suddenly become obsessed with doughnuts, thrift store shopping, and reading tabloid newspapers.

According to an interview with Emma Brown, the host of CBC’s news program Newsnight, his newfound passion for donuts started as a joke but swiftly escalated into a full-fledged obsession. He is now claimed to eat over a dozen donuts every day and is working on a book about the psychological advantages of the delectable dessert.

“Donuts have always been a part of my diet,” Peterson explains. “They reflect the basic pleasures of life and bring back memories of my childhood. They’re also a terrific source of energy after a long day of reading trashy newspapers.”

Dr. Peterson has also stated that he is working on a book titled “12 Rules of Donut Eating,” which he claims will dive into the science and psychology of this beloved dessert. “In this book, I investigate the various ways in which donuts may affect our lives, both favorably and adversely,” he explains. “‘The Art of Dunking’ and ‘The Ethics of Donut Sharing’ are two of the most interesting chapters.”

The guy famous for his lectures on the value of self-discipline and responsibility is now a frequent reader of the National Enquirer and other such newspapers. According to sources, he spends hours every day poring over the pages of these periodicals, taking in the newest celebrity gossip and conspiracy theories.

“Reading these tabloids is like getting a break from reality,” Peterson explains. “I become lost in their strange stories, which is a wonderful change from my typical routine.”

But it isn’t all. Peterson also enjoys thrift store shopping, which he describes as a “wonderful way to locate hidden gems and engage with the community.” He is frequently spotted wandering the aisles of local thrift stores, looking for the ideal vintage treasure.

“Thrift store shopping is a great opportunity to connect with the past and locate one-of-a-kind objects that tell a narrative,” adds Peterson. “It’s a chance to connect with the people who came before us and find significance in the things we take for granted every day.”

While some of Peterson’s supporters may be taken aback by the fresh discoveries, he remains unconcerned. He is continuing to follow his interests and is determined to live life on his own terms, regardless of what others think.

“I don’t care what other people think about my obsessions with doughnuts, thrift store shopping, and tabloid newspapers,” Peterson adds. “All that counts is that I know what makes me happy.”

The man who professed to be the voice of logic and reason is now a proud member of the donut-loving, thrift-store-shopping, tabloid-reading community. Let’s hope this is simply a phase and Peterson will soon return to his customary activities. Until then, we’ll be following his recent exploits as well as his upcoming book, “12 Rules of Donut Eating.”

Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
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