Texas Celebrates Individual Liberty by Arresting Trans People

Austin, TX — The Lone Star State continues its recent streak of personal liberty-oriented laws this week with a new proposed law that would allow the police to fine and possibly arrest anyone who “exhibits a gender identity that is different than the performer’s gender assigned at birth.”

This comes on the heels of an extraordinary liberty-inspiring abortion ban that threatens doctors and other health providers with hefty fines if they even mention abortion.

“This is a logical step in preserving our god-given liberty here in Texas,” said House Member Rep. Chud Pusillanimous Peterson(R), representing the Fort Worth-based Christian National Identity caucus. “The only way to increase liberty is to cut off those who would deny liberty to others. If you’re going to pretend you’re a girl when you’re not one, we’re coming after you.”

The Christian National Identity recently sued four Uber drivers accused of transporting pregnant women to abortion clinics. However, the court threw out the lawsuits after learning that two women were on their way to prenatal checkups, one was on her way to Target to Christmas shop, and one was sneaking out to get a gallon of ice cream and pickles.

Activists protested the new law, saying it violated the State’s and the United States Constitution’s 14th Amendments. Daphne Carabello of the LGBTQ+ group Citizen Rights said she had grave concerns about it.

“This is one of the most radical bills I have ever seen that seeks to eliminate trans people from public life by defining drag to encompass trans people and then criminalizing it. But, unfortunately, this is what some in the Texas legislature want. I mean, look at Louis Gohmert. He’s been pretending to be an honest man for his entire career. Maybe Texas should look into arresting him.”

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