County Enjoys 4th Straight Day Without a Car Accident

A typical, bicycle unfriendly parking job in Nevada City, CA.
A typical, bicycle unfriendly parking job in Nevada City, CA.

Nevada County, CA The greater Nevada County area just enjoyed its 4th consecutive day without a single car accident, says Sheriff Keith Royal in front of Springhill pharmacy.

“As the seasons change we normally expect to see an up-tick in vehicle collisions prompted by the worsening weather. Conditions up here change pretty fast.” Sheriff Royal grew animated as he elaborated. “Nobody has been crashing the last few days, I noticed. I told the boys (officers in the field) to, rather than be bored, to watch for expired tags and bad brake lights and such.”

The Nevada County Sheriff doesn’t like his officers standing around doing nothing.

The stretch of Hwy 49 between Auburn, through Grass Valley, and into Nevada City is a complete mess of treacherous roadway and stupid drivers. Not to mention the two roundabouts in town, which nobody knows how to navigate, and a new traffic signal at Loma Rica and Brunswick, which is a steep hill often covered in snow, at which you now have to attempt to stop your car. Sliding downhill. In the snow. That’s what makes this accident-free 4-day stretch so newsworthy.

“It really is amazing,” says Keith Royal, “the people up here, most times, can’t drive worth a flip. They all have these Priuses or Subarus or Jeeps and they’re zooming around bumping into each other without a care in the world. People just haven’t been doing that lately. I have no doubt that it’s just a fluke, but until they get to crashing again, we’re going to be out there focusing on the petty stuff. Speaking of that, I notice your tags over there expired last month. Might wanna get that fixed.”

Dog in a Hot Summer Car? Here's What to Do.
A dog witnessed the Royal collision

A spokesperson for the CHP told us by phone that, “it’s been a nice respite for our officers in the field to not have to respond to emergencies. This is the longest stretch we’ve had in the county without any car accidents. I doubt it will last, though. In the meantime officers are keeping their eyes out for petty shit,” she very candidly revealed, “things like cracked windshields, expired tags, no license plate light. Fill the court docket, you know?” She went on to explain that the last accident-free stretch of four days was broken when “Mark Twain smashed his friend’s Model-T into a mustang on Broad St.”

By all accounts, 4 days without an accident is very rare up here indeed.

I was dismayed to hear that, after our ‘interview’, Sheriff Royal smashed his cruiser into a Mustang on Dorsey Dr. A dog witnessed the crash and drove away unharmed.

0 Days Without an Accident.

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