Area Excavator Guy Exercises His Climatology Know-How

Grass Valley, CA — Area excavator operator Rob Barrick spends his entire day outside moving dirt, gravel, and stones in his Caterpillar E120B Excavator. Over the years, he’s seen a lot of things that made him scratch his head. But, recently, after what can only be called a bark beetle plague that has killed tens of thousands of drought-weaken trees around California, Mr. Barrick had a startling revelation: the massive tree die-off is primarily due to Chemtrail spraying operations and not the common bark beetle.

“I’m out here all day, and I’m always looking up,” said a squinting Mr. Barrick from the seat of his E120B. “I know all these egghead types like to say the ponderosas [pine trees] are dying because of the beetle, but it’s got to be chemtrails. I’ve seen hundreds of trees die simultaneously, days after the spraying. And that can’t be from this small critter.”

After four record-breaking years of drought, many of California’s forests cannot mount a defense against the tiny bark beetle. When water is in short supply, the trees cannot produce enough sap to battle the beetles. The weaker trees are the most susceptible and can die at an alarming pace, affecting large groves. Still, this has not stopped the conspiracy theory-oriented from blaming the scourges of chemtrails.

“Our massive drought was geoengineered,” said outspoken Redding, CA-based Chemtrail activist Justin Timbers. “Why are there so many record droughts unfolding around the world? By saturating the atmosphere with particulates (aerosols) to produce the “global dimming” effect (which is the stated primary objective of the SRM climate mitigation programs), the geoengineers have derailed the planet’s primary terrestrial life support system, rain.”

Activists like Mr. Timbers have become heroes in anti-chemtrail circles, mainly on Social Media. The cause-celebrity has encouraged thousands to mobilize to fight what they perceive as a “fight for the skies,” even though many, if not all, the activists have little or no scientific training.

“I’ve watched a lot of YouTube Videos,” continued Mr. Barrick adjusting his sunglasses. “You can do a lot by researching things on the Internet. Sure, I get challenged a lot by the eggheads, but I tell them to go and do their research and see for themselves. I’m not the one who has to prove anything. I have to look up and then look at the pine trees.”

Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
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