Tragedy Strikes as Teenager Becomes Separated From iPhone at Fair

Having lost her iPhone 6, Daniella Bishop borrowed a stranger's SLR for a series of "selfies."
Having lost her iPhone 6, Daniella Bishop borrowed a stranger’s SLR for a series of “selfies.”

Grass Valley, CA — Tragedy struck late Saturday afternoon when 17-year-old Daniella Bishop of Grass Valley, CA accidentally lost her iPhone 6 just after riding the barf-inducing carnival ride “The Zipper” at the Nevada County Fair. Upon discovering her missing mobile phone, Ms. Bishop immediately set into a teenage panic.

“Oh my god,” exclaimed a borderline hysterical Ms Bishop just inside the main fair gate, “this is like, the worst thing ever to happen. Now I can’t find any of my friends. I can’t Instagram. It must have fallen out of my pocket or something. I bet Finn [Finn Swann of Grass Valley] swiped it. He’s so immature.”

According to Ms. Bishop’s friends, she was carrying on in the long line waiting to get on the “epic barfer” the Zipper late Saturday afternoon when they believe she attempted to insert her iPhone 6 into her inappropriately short cut-off jeans. They speculate that she might have missed her front pocket, causing the mobile phone to fall to the ground.

“She talks a lot,” said one-time boyfriend and Nevada Union High School Junior Joey Adams of Grass Valley. “She wasn’t paying attention. She was busy hugging her friends and yappin’. So it just fell on the ground probably.”

17 year old Finn Swann of Grass Valley pictured at an unknown house party with Daniella Bishop. Source: The Fazzler file photo.
17 year old Finn Swann of Grass Valley pictured at an unknown house party with Daniella Bishop. Source: The Fazzler file photo.

Upon losing her phone, Ms. Bishop began scouring the area for it. After the phone didn’t turn up, she began randomly shoving like-aged boys near her yelling “give it back.” However this was just the beginning of the harrowing tale of confusion and regret as the phone is misplaced for an entire day.

“What am I supposed to do,” continued Ms. Bishop. “I mean, all I could do was keep borrowing Jessica’s phone to check my statuses. But after a while, she just told me to use another phone. And then there’s my parents who were probably trying to find me.”

According to Daniella’s Father, Jim Bishop, this is the third incident with her phone in the past 6 months.

“To say we are frustrated with her is an understatement,” said an irritated Mr. Bishop rubbing his head to relieve his frustration. “Danni has damaged two phones because she was not paying attention. Cracked the damn screens beyond usefulness. Now this. Gone.” There was a pause as Mr. Bishop appeared to be gathering his thoughts. “I know what people are going to say, ‘Well, take the damn thing away from her.’ Well we don’t have to do that now, but like most parents, we like being able to get a hold of her. But you know what? It’s damn stupid to give a teenager an $800 piece of technology.”

As for Daniella, she knows this might be the end of the road for her.

“They’re going to give me some crappy flip-phone, I bet,” continued a resigned Ms. Bishop. “But I know Finn has it just to mess with me. It’s such, like, a downer.”

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