Area Activists Furious Over Annual Patriotic “Ditch Dye” Event

Area activists are furious with the Nevada Irrigation District's decision to go ahead with its annual "Ditch Dye" event.
Area activists are furious with the Nevada Irrigation District’s decision to go ahead with its annual “Ditch Dye” event.

Nevada City, CA — Area environmental activists are furious over the Nevada Irrigation District’s (NID) decision to go forward with its annual 4th of July “Dying of the Ditch” celebration, despite complaints from protesters to stop the practice. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for the embattled water district due to accusations that the organization is activity dumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of the controversial herbicide RoundUp into the water system to control weeds.

Although NID maintains that the patriot dyes used in the event are “safe for both plant and animal life,” this hasn’t stopped a small, but loud group of community activists from challenging the annual “Ditch Dye.”

“You can’t fool us,” shouted Nevada City-based community activist Saihra Ramun who was successful in making neighboring town Nevada City the country’s first chemtrail-free zone. “We are not sleeping sheeple. There are reports of all kinds of poisonings coming from these canals. I want to know who’s paying these people? Monsanto? Bill Gates? George Soros? Why are they trying to reduce the population? For money? We demand answers. How do we know they’re not sneaking RoundUp into these dyes?”

According to a spokesperson for NID, the Ditch Dye event has been going on for over 50 years along a popular stretch of Cascade Canal in the Banner Mountain region of Nevada County, and this is the first time anyone has complained about it. Also, the water authority wanted to make it clear that they were not dumping the herbicide into the waterways, but rather spraying along the banks to control weeds and other plant overgrowths.

Adding to the controversy, under the provisions of proposition 65, California recently added the main ingredient of Roundup to the list of chemicals that it believes are linked to cancer. This growing list now includes gasoline, soft drinks, packaged potato chips, fishing rods, work boots, coffee and extended televisions viewings of the Dr. Oz Show. According to experts on the topic, you should already be dead.

Given the outcry, NID plans on looking for an alternative to RoundUp, one that can go undetected by protesters. The agency says it has no plans to discontinue its Ditch Dye event.

Randall 'fink' Finkelstein
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