Buffalo Shooter Claims He’s a Victim of an ANTIFA False Flag Clerical Error

Buffalo, NY — Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron, 18, has entered an astonishing not-guilty plea. His reason has the Left concerned that their sinister deep-state activities will emerge. And despite the extensive online manifesto detailing his incel motives and extremist beliefs, Gendron had claimed he was simply a victim of his ANTIFA employers failing to file the appropriate false-flag document before the fake shooting started.

“I did everything that my socialist overlords asked of me,” said portly future MGTOW, Gendron, “I even etched Nazi terminology and codes onto my weapon, as instructed, so it would look like it was an actual deranged, sexually repressed, angry boy with racist and fascist tendencies that had been radicalized online who carried out the attack.”

“The whole thing was staged to make the Right look like people who are constantly angry at things that don’t even exist,” explained Gendron claiming he was an innocent pawn in Soros’ world domination plan.

“I watched Tucker Carlson on repeat and joined various online groups devoted to the so-called Great Replacement, just to ingratiate myself with halfwitted far-right lunatics and maintain my cover,” claimed the poor boy who was radicalized by lefties.

“I turned up on the day to carry out my false flag operation, confident I’d be handsomely rewarded afterward and just started spraying bullets at black people. I tried to avoid the white folk adding an extra layer of authenticity,” as Gendron mumbled something about being the real victim in this debacle.

Gendron’s lawyer, the well respected Jonathan (J Alden) Mosely, also unsuccessfully tried to defend other ANTIFA operatives, who allegedly disguised themselves as Trump supporters and stormed the US Capitol Building, pointed out that the massacre was simply the result of a clerical error.

“An inexperienced new secretary hadn’t completed the necessary paperwork before the attack, so my client ended up with live rounds instead of the blanks our organization usually employs in these fabricated slaughters of innocent people. It’s human error, plain and simple. This whole sorry mess could have been avoided if she’d ticked blanks on the 966-AS form before handing it to her controller.”

Gendron’s ANTIFA colleagues have distanced themselves from any connection to his murderous and racist rampage. Instead, they are sticking with the official story that he was, in fact, a right-wing piece-of-shit who snitched on himself and will be his star witness.

Fulton Starkweather
Fulton Starkweather
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